MvStudium_Group: A Family of Tools for Modeling and Simulation of Complex Dynamical Systems




Professor Yuri B. Senichenkov
co-author: Professor Yu. B. Kolesov
Distributed Computing and Networking Department
St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University


Designing of new version of Rand Model Designing under the name RMD 7 is coming to an end. It will be possible using dynamic objects, dynamic connections (bonds), and arrays of objects in the new version. These types are used for Simulation Modeling, and Agent Based Modeling. The first trial version will be available at year-end.
The tools developed by MvStudium_Group are considered by authors as universal tools for automation modeling and simulation of complex dynamical systems. We are feeling strongly that at least nitty-gritty real system is multi-component, hierarchical, and event-driven system. Modeling of such systems requires using object-oriented technologies, expressive graphical languages and various mathematical models for event-driven systems. The last versions of Model Vision Modeling Language are intended for multi-component models with variable structure and event-driven behavior.

Biography of the Speaker: PhD degree in Numerical Analysis from St. Petersburg State University (1984).
Dr. Sci. degree (Computer Science) from St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (2005).
Author of 125 scientific publications-conference papers, articles, monographs and textbooks.
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