The Use of Social Media for Training and eLearning


Organizer-Chairman: Prof. Sinead Mellett
Lero, Tierney Building
University of Limerick
Plassey Technological Park
Limerick, Ireland
E-mail: Sinead.Mellett@ul.ie



The aim of this Session is to explore learning in Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) particularly with respect to an individual's ability to develop their range of training and learning options incorporating eLearning and in particular Web. 2.0 technologies and communities of practice. The session will look at how learning, whether formal or informal, currently and actually occurs within companies and how the use of Web2.0 tools and resources could allow for better learning outcomes. Based on research findings showing that the majority of training is informal this session will aim to examine how Web2.0 can facilitate and document the informal learning outcomes. It is widely acknowledged that there is a direct correlation between training and business success. In addition to looking at the learning that takes place in companies this session will also aim to examine the barriers to training in SMEs and how Web2.0 can help overcome these barriers.


Prospective authors are encouraged to submit their work related, but not limited to, the following topics:
formal, informal, web2.0, mobile learning
Small and medium enterprises
training, barriers to training