Living Labs in Education & Training


Dr. Giovanna Avellis
E-mail: g.avellis@innova.puglia.it



The emergent concept of Living Labs (LL) originates from Media Lab, School of Architecture and City Planning of MIT, Boston and represents a new approach to the research activities tacking the issue of refining, design, prototypying validating and testing complex problems in real life situations. The aim of this session is to underline the Living Labs approach to research and developmnet and to illustrate the most advanced methodologies and environments of LLs in Education & Training coming from Apulia ICT Living Labs project. We welcome also new projects in LL in E&T to show their results such as from ENOLL (European Network of Living Labs).


adaptive learning
social learning
virtual reality
augumented reality
web 3.0
robotics applications to E&T