Evolutionary Algorithms - Cybernetic Overview


Professor Ivan Zelinka
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Technical University of Ostrava (VSB-TU)
Czech Republic



Proposed tutorial is focused on mutual intersection of two interesting fields of research i.e. evolutionary algorithms and complex system dynamics and structure. It discusses recent progress on evolutionary algorithms that can be considered like a dynamical complex system with inherent nonlinear dynamics and feedback loop. This dynamics can generate different kind of behavior including chaotic one and can be visualized as a complex geometrical structure. Basics of deterministic chaos will be explained in order to better understand proposed topic, such as universal features of that kind of behavior are explained, quantifying chaotic, period doubling, intermittence, chaotic transients and crises.
With conjunction on this will be demonstrated fruitful intersection of complex dynamics, structures and evolutionary algorithms, that are discussed from a few points of views (chaos control, chaotic behavior of evolutionary dynamics...) including evolutionary dynamics conversion into complex network that can be analyzed and controlled by means of classical as well as modern evolutionary methods.
Further will be explained and demonstrated that evolutionary algorithm can be understand also as a nonlinear feedback loop system that can be controlled and thus performance of the evolutionary algorithm can be controlled too.

Short Biography of the Speaker:

Ivan Zelinka (born in 1965, is currently associated with the Technical University of Ostrava (VSB-TU), Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He graduated consequently at the Technical University in Brno (1995 - MSc.), UTB in Zlin (2001 - Ph.D.) and again at Technical University in Brno (2004 - Assoc. Prof.) and VSB-TU (2010 - Professor).
Prof. Zelinka is responsible supervisor of grant research of Czech grant agency GAČR named a) Highly Scalable Parallel and Distributed Methods of Data Processing in E-science (focused on astroinformatics), b) Softcomputing methods in control, c) Control Algorithm Design by Means of Evolutionary Approach, and co-supervisor of grant FRVŠ - Laboratory of parallel computing. He was also working on numerous grants and two EU projects as member of team (FP5 - RESTORM) and supervisor (FP7 - PROMOEVO) of the Czech team. He is also head of research team NAVY
Prof. Zelinka was awarded by Siemens Award for his Ph.D. thesis, as well as by journal Software news for his book about artificial intelligence. He is a member of the British Computer Society, Machine Intelligence Research Labs (MIR Labs -, IEEE (committee of Czech section of Computational Intelligence), a few international program committees of various conferences, and three international journals. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief of a new book series entitled Emergence, Complexity and Computation (Springer series 10624, see also