Water Scarcity and Human Food (Challenges and Possible Solutions)


Prof. Dr. Mohamed Moursy Mohamed Hussein
Agric. Div., National Research Centre
Tahrir st., Dokki, Cairo, Egypt



The global population increasing rapidly more than the increasing in food production and this intern reflecting in increasing poverty and hunger peoples. This matter mainly caused from the growing of human needs of food and the nonsufficient of water for agriculture, domestic or industrial purposes. The workshop aim to share in the efforts of diminution of challenges and beneficial ways for maximizing the possibility of solutions which are necessary needed to face the increasing the growing demands of humanity now a day or in the future and to share in poverty reduction.


Rate of increasing populations and poverty
Biodiesel and bioethanol and increasing demands of energy
Drastic climatic changes
Land degradations and desertification
Social crisis and wars
Deforester and migrations
Exhausting and depletion of ground water
Salinity and biotic stresses
Pollution and depression of water availability and safty
High efficient and modern irrigation systems
Proper cropping system suitable for environmental regions
Possibility of nontraditional water resources usage
Utility of ground water use
Traditional breeding and genetic engineering for high yielding and short season varieties of crops
Agriculture water productivity and water use efficiency
Renewable energy and seawater desalinization
Combating desertification and improving natural resources
Complete water resources management
Increasing abiotic and biotic stresses tolerant of crop plants
Production of biofuel using crops and lands cannot use for food production
New technologies serving in high productivity of food crops, nano, laser, magnetic and remote sensing technologies