From the Student's Paper to the Teacher's Computer


Professor Javier Bilbao
Department of Applied Mathematics
University of the Basque Country



From the first parchments to the present, paper is a constant in the history. The importance of handwritten notes are similar and it is a constant during centuries. Pen and paper are still the main tools used by pupils in class for several good reasons: pen and paper are cheap, flexible, easy to use, and not distractive. But with the irruption of smartpens in the technological market, the vision of the handwriting in educational systems can change. These devices allow students to take notes or draw schemes while simultaneously recording classroom lectures or discussion. And, at the same time of the handwriting or later, all drawings, sentences, calculations, and what student has done with his smartpen can be sent to the teacher's computer and saved in a file. We present a comparison of technologies and characteristics to be used in a classroom.

Short Biography of the Speaker:

Javier Bilbao is Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and professor at the department of Applied Mathematics of the University of the Basque Country, Spain, at the School of Engineering. He has been General Chairman of some conferences of WSEAS organization. Current and previous research interests are: Optimization of series capacitor batteries in electrical lines, Modelization of a leakage flux transformer, Losses in the electric distribution Networks, Artificial Neural Networks, E-learning, Computational Thinking, Noise of electrical wind turbines, Light pollution.